Segway Navimow Vision Fence


VisionFence is a powerful sensing device and safety feature from Segway that uses a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to detect obstacles and prevent collisions.

The system can also detect open spaces and provide a virtual boundary to keep robotic mowers safe. VisionFence is designed to work with Segway’s existing safety systems, such as the Navimow robotic lawnmowers, to provide an extra layer of protection for the machines.

AI Onboard: The Sensors enable your Navimow to recognise different obstacles and mow more intelligently.
Accurate Detection: Accurately capture moving objects and react in real time
Quick Set-up: Install and go. Compatible with all Navimow H-series products.
Easy Update: Get software udates via Wi-Fi connection
Weather Proof: IPX7 waterproof level, build to endure.
Wide Detection Range: See a full range within a distance of 5 meters and a wide angle of 140°

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