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Okatsune is the No. 1 brand of gardening tools in Japan with a reputation for premium quality secateurs, shears and pruning scissors. Okatsune’s razor-sharp shears are uniquely forged from the best Izumo Yasugi steel, which is traditionally being used for the Katana swords used by the Samurai. Izumo Yasugi steel is characterized by a high carbon content and is forged by the best master blacksmiths of Japan, using an age-old technology. This process only takes place in the Izumo region, solely using Izumo iron sand. Tsuneichi Okano has managed to industrially produce superior shears that have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0 – unrivalled by other brands, through an innovative tempering process. This hardness ensures that the cutting edge remains sharp, slicing easily through wood, and the blades slide smoothly over each other to give an easier cutting action. Soft metal in the core of the blade preserves flexibility, so the cutting blade always aligns with the counter blade, even after intensive usage. This perfection, and unique quality can be recognized by the “singing” of the shears.

Okatsune Gardening Tools

Okatsune 207 Heavy Duty Thinning Shears


Okatsune Gardening Tools

Okatsune 304 Floral Cutting Shears